Welcome to Letters for the Wilderness.

Hi. I’m Jenai. That’s jeh-nEYE. Not jeh-NAY.

My story went sideways in 2020. That is when I began navigating the fallout of spiritual abuse. Since, I’ve wandered around with religious trauma, wondering if God is still for me.

Everyday, I wake up wondering & hoping.

All my writing is an effort to cultivate something good—to extend hope and rest to those burning out. I want to create a space to tell my story and to keep and hold the stories of others.

Letters for the Wilderness is also the means through which I hope to cultivate a community of those also wandering.

I want this space to serve as my invitation to you. To learn as I learn. To grow as I grow. To continue to be exactly who are you as I learn to love exactly who I am.

I will always engage on Instagram, Twitter, etc, but this newsletter will be a sacred space I talk about who I am becoming. It’s a space where we can draw up our seats at the communion table and feast together because the churches kicking people out do not have a monopoly on Jesus.

This is the place for updates.

If I have announcements, I’ll do it all through the Letters for the Wilderness newsletter first.

A few irons I have in the fire:

  • Writing a book on moving forward after being pushed to the margins (Subscribe for announcements!)

  • A private, online community for fellow wilderness wanders (The Wilderness Forum).

  • Other collaborations with fellow writers and creatives I support

Don’t be afraid to engage.

Please reach out. There may come a day that I cannot personally respond to every question or comment as I also work and rest. But caring for this community is the plot of the Garden I am committed to tending.

I am for you and I am in your corner. Thank you, sincerely, for being in mine.

From the wilderness,

Jenai Auman

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